Underfloor heating installation services

Design Freedom and Low Maintenance

With no bulky radiators to take up valuable wall and floor space, our systems are a designer’s dream. Underfloor heating enables you to use every square meter of your home in the way that you want to without radiators being in the way.

Suitable for Every Room Type

Thanks to the availability of a wide range of products and systems, there is a solution for virtually any project type whether new-build, refurbishment, retrofit, or renovation – from a simple en-suite upgrade to a whole-house installation.

Cost Savings and Increased Energy Efficiency

Zoning your house with underfloor heating is simple, and unlike traditional systems that run all rooms at the same time, you can set the heating for individual rooms where and when you need it. As such, reductions of up to 10-20% on heating bills can be achieved.

Comfort through Even Heat Distribution

Underfloor heating spreads warmth over the entire floor area using low-temperature radiant heat, rather than the high-temperature “point heating” associated with radiators. Warming a large surface at a low temperature produces the most comfortable form of heating possible.

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